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Luxembourg’s Top Ten Cheese and Dairy Producers

Luxembourg, a small yet picturesque European nation, is known for its rich culinary traditions. Among its many gastronomic delights, the country’s cheese and dairy products hold a special place. Luxembourg’s cheese and dairy industry boasts a wide variety of products, each reflecting the country’s unique cultural and culinary heritage. In this article, we will explore Luxembourg’s top ten cheese and dairy producers, showcasing the best of what this charming nation has to offer.

1. Luxembourg’s Dairy Industry Overview

Before diving into the top cheese and dairy producers, it’s essential to understand the dairy landscape in Luxembourg. The country’s dairy sector has a long history of craftsmanship and high-quality products. Luxembourg’s fertile pastures and favorable climate create ideal conditions for dairy farming, resulting in some of the finest dairy products in Europe.

2. Fromagerie Kass-Haff

Location: Hobscheid, Luxembourg

Specialty: Handcrafted Artisanal Cheeses

Kass-Haff, a family-owned cheese dairy, has been a staple in Luxembourg’s dairy scene for generations. They are renowned for their handcrafted artisanal cheeses, using traditional methods and sourcing milk from local farmers. With a range of delightful cheeses, Fromagerie Kass-Haff offers a unique taste of Luxembourg’s dairy excellence.

3. Mousel’s Cantine

Location: Grevenmacher, Luxembourg

Specialty: Fine Wine and Cheese Pairings

Mousel’s Cantine is famous for its delectable cheese and wine pairings. With a focus on promoting local products, they offer a selection of Luxembourg’s finest cheeses alongside an impressive collection of local wines. It’s an excellent spot for those looking to explore the rich wine and cheese culture of the region.

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4. Beilsteiner Käserei

Location: Beils, Luxembourg

Specialty: Handmade Fresh Cheeses

Beilsteiner Käserei is known for its handcrafted, fresh cheeses. They use locally sourced milk to create a variety of soft and creamy cheeses. If you’re a fan of fresh and mild cheese, this producer is a must-visit.

5. Caseificio Artigianale Ramborn

Location: Born, Luxembourg

Specialty: Artisanal Cheese and Cider Pairings

Caseificio Artigianale Ramborn is unique for its cheese and cider pairings. They craft their cheese with precision and offer a delightful assortment of ciders that complement their cheese selection perfectly. It’s an experience that combines the best of Luxembourg’s dairy and orchard offerings.

6. Ferme Uehler

Location: Schuttrange, Luxembourg

Specialty: Organic Dairy Products

Ferme Uehler is a certified organic farm that produces a range of dairy products. From organic milk to yogurt, their commitment to sustainable and natural farming practices shines through in the quality of their products. If you’re looking for pure, organic dairy, Ferme Uehler is the place to go.

7. Domaine de la Sapinière

Location: Rambrouch, Luxembourg

Specialty: Goat’s Cheese

Domaine de la Sapinière is a haven for goat cheese enthusiasts. They specialize in crafting a variety of goat cheeses, from soft and creamy to aged and crumbly. If you have a penchant for goat’s cheese, this producer is a must-visit in Luxembourg.

8. Ramborn Cider Co.

Location: Born, Luxembourg

Specialty: Artisanal Cider

While Ramborn Cider Co. is primarily known for its artisanal ciders, they also produce delectable cheese. The cheese complements their ciders perfectly, making it an ideal destination for those looking to enjoy a well-rounded culinary experience.

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9. Weideschueb

Location: Mertert, Luxembourg

Specialty: Luxembourgish Quark

Weideschueb is famous for its Luxembourgish Quark, a fresh and creamy dairy product. They take great pride in using traditional methods and pure milk, resulting in a delectable taste that is a true representation of Luxembourg’s dairy heritage.

10. Kaempff-Kohler

Location: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Specialty: Delicatessen and Cheese Selection

Kaempff-Kohler is a renowned delicatessen in Luxembourg, offering a curated selection of international and local cheeses. They are a one-stop-shop for cheese lovers, where you can explore an array of Luxembourgish cheeses alongside other international delicacies.


Luxembourg’s cheese and dairy industry offers a diverse range of products, each reflecting the country’s cultural and culinary heritage. From artisanal cheese producers to organic dairy farms and cider-cheese pairings, Luxembourg has something for every dairy enthusiast. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, exploring these top ten cheese and dairy producers will provide you with an unforgettable taste of Luxembourg’s dairy excellence.


1. What makes Luxembourg’s dairy products unique?

Luxembourg’s dairy products are unique due to the country’s ideal climate and fertile pastures, which create perfect conditions for dairy farming. The use of traditional methods and locally sourced ingredients also contributes to the exceptional quality and taste of Luxembourg’s dairy products.

2. Where can I find Luxembourg’s cheese and dairy producers?

Most of the listed producers have their own retail outlets or sell their products in local markets. Additionally, you can explore specialty food shops, cheese shops, and local markets throughout Luxembourg to discover a wide variety of dairy products.

3. What are some popular Luxembourgish cheese varieties?

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Some popular Luxembourgish cheese varieties include fresh and soft cheeses like Quark, goat’s cheese, and artisanal cheeses that are handcrafted by local producers. Luxembourg also offers cheese and cider pairings, providing a unique combination of flavors.

4. Are Luxembourg’s dairy products exported internationally?

While Luxembourg’s dairy products are primarily enjoyed domestically, some artisanal producers may export their products to neighboring countries. However, the focus remains on providing high-quality dairy products to local consumers.

5. Can I tour these dairy farms and cheese producers in Luxembourg?

Many of these producers offer tours and tastings. It’s advisable to contact them in advance to inquire about tour availability and make reservations if necessary. It’s a great way to learn more about the production processes and savor the flavors of Luxembourg’s dairy heritage.

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