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Rejuvenate Your Senses: Top Ten Hot Springs in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, a landlocked European gem nestled between Belgium, Germany, and France, is known for its picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and historical charm. But did you know that this small country also boasts a unique natural treasure – hot springs? These natural thermal springs offer an ideal escape for relaxation and rejuvenation. In this guide, we’ll explore the top ten hot springs in Luxembourg, each providing a different experience and catering to various preferences.

1. Mondorf-les-Bains Thermal Spa & Wellness Center

Location: Mondorf-les-Bains

The Mondorf-les-Bains Thermal Spa & Wellness Center is one of Luxembourg’s most famous wellness destinations. This sprawling complex features various thermal pools with mineral-rich waters, saunas, and wellness treatments. The thermal water, sourced from a depth of over 1,000 meters, is believed to have therapeutic properties and is a favorite among visitors seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

2. Aqua Nat’Our

Location: Hosingen

Aqua Nat’Our, located in Hosingen, offers a serene and natural hot spring experience. The thermal water here is sourced from a depth of 150 meters and is celebrated for its healing properties. Visitors can enjoy indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, and relaxation areas amidst a picturesque forested backdrop.

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3. Differdange Thermal Baths

Location: Differdange

Differdange Thermal Baths are a hidden gem in Luxembourg. Nestled within the charming town of Differdange, these baths provide a tranquil and intimate setting for those seeking to unwind. The natural hot spring water is known for its soothing effects on muscle tension and joint pain.

4. Aqua Sana

Location: Les Ardennes

For those looking for a unique hot spring experience, Aqua Sana in Les Ardennes is an excellent choice. This tropical-themed oasis offers an array of hot springs and relaxation areas, making it the perfect retreat for couples or solo travelers.

5. Wellness & Spa Hotel Bel-Air

Location: Echternach

Wellness & Spa Hotel Bel-Air, situated in the historic town of Echternach, offers visitors a luxurious escape. The thermal water in this spa is renowned for its detoxifying properties, making it an ideal choice for those looking to purify their bodies and minds.

6. Berdorf Outdoor Swimming Pool

Location: Berdorf

The Berdorf Outdoor Swimming Pool is a unique destination that combines the joy of swimming with the benefits of hot spring water. The pool is situated in a beautiful natural setting, allowing you to enjoy the hot spring experience while taking in the scenic views of Berdorf.

7. Wellness Hotel Haffner

Location: Esch-sur-Sûre

Wellness Hotel Haffner is a peaceful oasis in the picturesque town of Esch-sur-Sûre. The thermal baths here provide guests with the opportunity to unwind and revitalize while taking in the beautiful surroundings.

8. Vianden Hot Springs

Location: Vianden

Vianden Hot Springs are located in the charming town of Vianden, known for its medieval castle and scenic landscapes. These hot springs offer an excellent opportunity to unwind after exploring the town’s historic attractions.

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9. Spa and Wellness Center Edelweiss

Location: Wiltz

Situated in the town of Wiltz, the Spa and Wellness Center Edelweiss is a fantastic destination for those looking for relaxation and rejuvenation. The thermal baths here are known for their soothing effects on the skin and overall well-being.

10. Hotel Belle-Vue and Wellness

Location: Vianden

Hotel Belle-Vue and Wellness is another gem in Vianden that offers hot spring experiences with a touch of elegance. The thermal baths, saunas, and wellness treatments create a harmonious atmosphere for guests to unwind.


Luxembourg, often overlooked as a hot spring destination, offers a variety of hot springs, each with its own unique character and benefits. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, healing, or a romantic getaway, the hot springs of Luxembourg have something for everyone. So, plan your next rejuvenating escape to this enchanting country and experience the magic of its natural hot springs.


1. Are hot springs in Luxembourg safe for all ages?

Yes, hot springs in Luxembourg are generally safe for all ages. However, it’s advisable to check individual spa and wellness center policies regarding age restrictions and specific facilities for children.

2. Can I visit these hot springs year-round?

Most of the hot springs in Luxembourg are open year-round, allowing visitors to enjoy their benefits regardless of the season. It’s a great idea to visit during the winter months for a warm and relaxing experience.

3. What should I bring when visiting hot springs in Luxembourg?

When visiting hot springs, it’s recommended to bring swimwear, towels, and flip-flops. Many spa and wellness centers provide rental options, but having your essentials ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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4. Are reservations required to visit these hot springs?

While reservations are not always mandatory, it’s a good idea to check in advance, especially during peak seasons, to ensure you secure your preferred date and time.

5. Can I combine a visit to hot springs with exploring Luxembourg’s attractions?

Absolutely! Many hot springs are located in or near picturesque towns and areas with historical sites, making it easy to combine a relaxing hot spring visit with exploring the country’s cultural and natural wonders.

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