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Bookworm’s Delight: Top Ten Bookstores in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, a small European country known for its picturesque landscapes, rich history, and cultural diversity, is also a haven for book lovers. With a thriving literary scene, Luxembourg offers a wealth of bookstores that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. In this article, we will explore the top ten bookstores in Luxembourg, each with its unique charm and offerings. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, these bookstores are sure to delight your inner bookworm.

1. Librairie Ernster – A Literary Icon

Location: 10 Rue du Fossé, Luxembourg City

Librairie Ernster is a literary institution in Luxembourg. Established in 1909, it boasts a vast collection of books across various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, and children’s literature. The store’s elegant decor and knowledgeable staff make it a delightful place to browse and shop.

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2. Librairie Alinéa – A Multilingual Haven

Location: 77 Grand-Rue, Luxembourg City

If you’re looking for books in multiple languages, Librairie Alinéa is the place to be. With a wide selection of books in English, French, German, and more, this store caters to Luxembourg’s diverse population. The cozy ambiance and well-organized shelves make it a welcoming space for every bookworm.

3. Librairie AlineaKids – Nurturing Young Readers

Location: 13 Grand-Rue, Luxembourg City

AlineaKids is a sister store to Librairie Alinéa, specifically designed for young readers. This charming bookstore offers a broad range of children’s books, from picture books to young adult fiction. It’s an excellent place to instill a love for reading in the younger generation.

4. Chapter 1 – A Secondhand Gem

Location: 32 Rue de Bonnevoie, Luxembourg City

Chapter 1 is a haven for bargain hunters and eco-conscious readers. This secondhand bookstore offers a diverse selection of gently-used books at affordable prices. Whether you’re a student on a budget or a collector seeking hidden gems, you’re likely to find a literary treasure here.

5. Fnac Luxembourg – A One-Stop Shop

Location: 10 Avenue de la Gare, Luxembourg City

Fnac is a well-known retail chain, and its Luxembourg branch offers an extensive range of books, music, electronics, and more. This makes it a convenient one-stop shop for those who enjoy exploring different forms of media. The store also hosts various cultural events and book signings, adding to its allure.

6. La Procure – A Spiritual Retreat

Location: 48 Rue Notre-Dame, Luxembourg City

La Procure is a bookstore specializing in religious and spiritual literature. It offers a tranquil and contemplative atmosphere, making it an ideal place for those seeking books related to theology, philosophy, and personal growth.

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7. Librairie Polaris – A Science Fiction Sanctuary

Location: 12 Avenue de la Gare, Luxembourg City

Science fiction enthusiasts will find their haven in Librairie Polaris. This unique bookstore focuses on speculative fiction, offering a wide selection of science fiction and fantasy books. You can explore a galaxy of books that will transport you to otherworldly realms.

8. Liboje – A Multicultural Space

Location: 2 Rue Chimay, Esch-sur-Alzette

Liboje is a community-oriented bookstore in the city of Esch-sur-Alzette. It specializes in books from around the world, with a focus on multiculturalism. You can find literature, cookbooks, and more, all celebrating the diversity of cultures.

9. Op der Lay – A Quaint Village Bookstore

Location: 59 Grand-Rue, Larochette

Nestled in the charming village of Larochette, Op der Lay is a cozy bookstore that caters to locals and tourists alike. With a selection of books for all ages, this quaint store offers a peaceful reading environment that perfectly complements the village’s tranquility.

10. BENU Buchhandlung – A Cultural Hub

Location: 13, rue du Pont, Esch-sur-Alzette

BENU Buchhandlung is more than just a bookstore; it’s a cultural hub. Alongside a well-curated selection of books, it hosts regular literary events, author readings, and discussions. It’s a place where book enthusiasts come together to celebrate literature and exchange ideas.


Luxembourg may be a small country, but its love for literature and bookstores is immense. These top ten bookstores offer a diverse range of reading materials, from classic literature to contemporary bestsellers, catering to readers of all ages and interests. Whether you’re a native Luxembourger or a visitor exploring this beautiful country, be sure to visit these bookstores and immerse yourself in the rich world of books.

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Q1: Are these bookstores primarily in Luxembourg City, or are there options in other areas of the country?

A1: While many of the top bookstores are located in Luxembourg City, you can also find options in other regions of the country. For example, Op der Lay in Larochette and BENU Buchhandlung in Esch-sur-Alzette offer excellent book-buying experiences outside the capital.

Q2: Do these bookstores offer books in multiple languages?

A2: Yes, several of these bookstores, like Librairie Alinéa, offer books in multiple languages, including English, French, German, and more, reflecting the linguistic diversity of Luxembourg.

Q3: Are there any bookstores in Luxembourg that specialize in rare or collectible books?

A3: While the list primarily includes general bookstores, Luxembourg does have collectors’ and rare bookstores. Collectors can explore specialized shops and online resources to find rare and unique editions.

Q4: Do any of these bookstores host book clubs or reading events?

A4: Yes, some of these bookstores, like BENU Buchhandlung, host literary events, book clubs, and author readings. It’s worth checking their schedules for upcoming events and discussions.

Q5: What is the typical price range for books in these bookstores?

A5: The price range for books can vary depending on factors like the edition, newness, and genre. You can find both affordable options and high-end editions in these bookstores, catering to a wide range of budgets.

Explore these bookstores, discover literary treasures, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of words in Luxembourg. Whether you’re a lifelong bookworm or just looking for your next great read, these bookstores have something for everyone. Happy reading!

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